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Saving Rivers Changing Lives

Youth in action. Restoring the Anacostia River. Inspiring the world to give nature a chance.

Our Impact in Numbers

 Earth Conservation Corps looks forward to your participation as citizen scientists join in our expanding Anacostia Raptor Watch Study. Our focus for 2021 is to gather evidence to solve an urgent conservation mystery. What is causing Kestrels to disappear? Please join us… and keep your eyes peeled for America’s smallest falcon.



Citizen Scientists  engaged in Anacostia Raptor Watch.


Bald Eagle Nests

In 1946 a polluted Anacostia forced Wasington’s last bald Eagles to abandon their Kingman Island nest. Following our 29 years restoration program we now have 4  nesting Pairs.



Children & their Families

Collected fish health data through participation in Friday Night Fishing.


Creation Justice Ministries

Thank you so much for collaborating with Creation Justice Ministries last week for the Cardinal Stritch Alternative Spring Break Group. Your presentation on environmental racism in DC was so informative. The students and I learned a lot. They also enjoyed meeting the animals & participating in the river clean-up. Thanks Again

Shayon Moradi


This was the first time that I have ever volunteered for an organization long term and at first I was a bit nervous, but thanks to you the experience  was fun and rewarding. Thank you for being my site supervisor for the past three months, and teaching a lot about birds and the environment in general. Hope to keep in touch.

Team Close-Up

Close Up Foundation

Dear Staff and Volunteers of the Earth Conservation Corps,

The Close Up program appreciates you for giving us an amazing experience of wildlife in Washington, DC and the rest of the world. All of the students enjoyed watching, meeting, and learning about birds and other creatures. Also, the staff are nice and polite people.

Change Lives with Your Gift

Join us to build a  better environment and sustainable future.