Eagle’s Nest

Current status with the two cameras on the Police Academy nest – both cameras are deemed broken and cannot be fixed right now as it may be a hardware issue at this point.  We cannot risk disturbing the nest as we are in nesting season.  Accessing the camera at this point will have to wait until early summer or when the eagles have vacated the area.


Challenge – ECC has a very committed eagle camera community who have invested hours of time monitoring Liberty and Justice.  They are very disappointed that the camera is not operational.  They are questioning ECC’s organizational capacity to fix the camera as well as raising questions about our fiduciary process with donor dollars. This is all being broadcasted on our social media outlets.  We don’t want to lose data on nesting activity for the 2020 season.  We also do not want to lose our loyal following of citizen scientists.  


On February 24th Dan Rauch from DOEE said that we have another month or so for the eagles to nest. Apparently there is also a new nest in a sycamore just south of Oxon cove bridge.  Both sites would benefit from monitoring.


ECC action– ECC commits a staff person to doing 2 monitoring sessions/week.  One at the Academy and one at Oxon Cove.  They will go out to the nest with a scope or binoculars and make an observation and take photos if possible.  Those observations will be posted on our social media consistently 2 times/week through the nesting season. 


Opportunity – ECC puts out a call for volunteers to the eagle camera community asking for monitors. Volunteers can join the ECC staff person at their set time of observation or they can come out on other days increasing the observations and ability to collect more data.  All data can be shared on a shared document on a google drive which should be shared on Anacostia Raptor watch?

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