Petunia is a female Harris Hawk that is around the same age Mr. Hoots, and Sky. Her hatch-year is 1996, making her also 24 years old in 2020. She has lived quite a diverse life. Petunia was captive-born into a breeding program from a falconer & breeder in New York. She was raised by her biological parents, also in captivity. When Petunia was old enough, she also participated in the breeding program herself. She continues her journey by participating in Falconry – the sport of hunting with a trained raptor and eventually retiring at Earth Conservation Corps to become an ambassador for her species.  

Petunia is a smart bird, that takes well to problem-solving enrichment. When we place her food inside of an object, she is quick to figure out how to get it out. Petunia often shakes her tail feathers and likes to take advantage of taking a bath in the rain. She is a beautiful bird and we like to think her grunts are her way of telling us she loves us too. 

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