Puff Daddy

Puff Daddy gets his name because he usually has his feathers puffed out! When a bird is puffed up, has their foot tucked, and is calm, they are happy. Puff Daddy is his happiest when he is spending time with his female counterpart, Gloria. He can be a feisty little guy with a mean bite, but we don’t blame him. He is a raptor after all. A couple of ways you can identify an American Kestrel as a male is their rufous red tail that has a black terminal band, and blue slated wings. Their chest is also tan with black spots!  

Puff Daddy also came to Earth Conservation Corps as a gift from Patuxent Wildlife Research located in Maryland. He was two years old when we took him in as an ambassador for his species. In the year 2020, Puff Daddy turned five. We love watching Puff Daddy eat his mice head first, listening to his loud and wonderful call, and enjoy taking him on walks as well.

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